Smart Nurse Intelligent Excretion Care Machine

Brief introduction:

This is a new revolutionary medical equipment with patent protection. It is used to take care of bedridden people, including patients, elderly people and disabled people. The machine will clean the bedridden people after excretion is made automatically, or, if the users prefer, half automatically. It can save the labor of the family people or nurses.

Especially at night time, when the people who take care of the machine users have to go to bed, our “smart nurse” brand excretion care machine will still keep alert and can work as a 24 hours , warm-hearted “nurse” without any complaint and with high efficiency. As a matter of fact, what our “smart nurse” does is even better than that of normal people. It is quick, clean and odorless.

We wish our “smart nurse” would bring convenience, cleanness and dignity to more and more people.

Remote control handle

Equipped with special mattress and used in usually medical care bed

Equipped with special mattress and used in home care bed

How it works

  • The sensors in the suction device will be at 24 hour standby state. Whenever there is urine or excretion, the sensors will send signals to the main machine so that the cleaning cycle will begin when the excretion finishes.
  • The soft silicone gel is tightly closed to the human body when the cleaning cycle begins as it is at a vacuum state inside at that moment. In this way , there is no worry of any liquid leakage.
  • A group of changeable active carbons are in charge of getting rid of the smell of excretion when the air comes out from the machine’s suction tube.
  • The excretion bin is automatically closed when the main machine is opened for cleaning the excretion bin so it will not leave smell at the room.


Technical data:

Size :595*425*485mm




Noise:Q65 dB

Good points of “smart nurse”

  • Rids bed-ridden patient of both urine and solid waste matter
  • Automatically flushes excrement, cleans patient with warm water and dries with warm air.
  • With our proprietary system of automatic excrement collection, anion purification of waste matter and catalyst deodorization, the intelligent cleaning nurse eliminates indoor malodorous content and reduces incidence of nosocomial infections in a hospital setting.
  • The shower head on the unit can be used for bathing and washing of hair (short hair only). The unique suction device ensures prompt and efficient collection of residual liquid wash.
  • Dual Modes of Operation: Includes Remote Control, Auto or Semi-Auto model. Programmed for Voice activation and intelligent alarm system.
  • Split Design of Suction Device: Silicon cover is easily replaced and eliminates cross contamination and infection of patients.
  • Compared with the current, conventional care model that involves multiple persons or nurses, human physical effort, risk of injury to nurses from carrying of patients* and materials (towels, diapers, and toilet paper), our Intelligent Cleaning Nurse replaces all these elements in an energy saving and safe method, saving manpower, maintaining a patient’s dignity and addressing the bottom line of a care facility which is a constant concern.

Where this unit can be used

Hospitals, nursing homes as well as family homes for home care. It even can be used in the way of renting, with the silicone gel at the device changed for different users.