Portable Toilet

According to the capacity of waste holding tank,our portable tlilet has 10L and 20L two size. And this two size toliets have the same fresh water holding tank with capaccity 12L.


Adult-sized seat and lid are sturdy, thick wall construction; strong enough to stand on
Always flushes with clean water, No water is recirculated
Completely self-contained. No external water or power connections required
12L freshwater capacity provides up to 50 flushes
Double sealed drain valve protects against leakage and odors
Heavy duty, corrosion resistant side latches lock tanks together
10L or 20L detached holding tank is easy to empty
Both tanks are one-piece construction, no seams
Attractive matte finish conceals scratches;can be scrubbed clean without damage .
Selectable pedestal can increase the height.


Completely self-contained
No external connections required
Secure clamps and latches
All parts are easily user replaced
10L or 20L capacity/dirty holding tank
12L capacity/fresh water tank
Easy to carry, easy to clean
Fits most compact spaces 10L:410355310mm

3,Application Range :
Old people living in the area lack of sanitary facility ,or disable people,or that people still using the public toilet
For Children :both civilized and safety
Soldiers especially the Women soldiers on the way of camping, relieving where is lack of sanitary equipments and enslaved to the environment protection
People especially the women engaging in the fieldwork such as exploring ,railway,water and electricity, irrigation works and others
Injured or disable people in the welfare, beadhouse, hospital or others who need special care
Temporary toilet and vehicles at the tour pot
People working over the water such as ship without sanitary equipments and also the same for the tour
Handle with care,no inversion, no rough handle
Avoid long time sunshine
Do not extruse the back covering with the body when using,avoding being hurted
Do not lacerate the body of the toilet with speculate object
Clean the dirty tank timely
Any brand tank deodorant can be used
Please use the brush which is matched for the toilet if the dirty tank can not be cleaned completely with the deodorant
5, Notice for maintenance:
abluent with ethanol or with high consistency acid can not be used for deodorant .
Otherwise it will damage seal mouth of rubber.
Screw the cap after the dirty being cleaned . Do not screw down
Use the antifreeze in the very cold weather



Armrest Bracket 10L 20L