central venous catheter

Code Number Specification Code Number Specification
FV-1526Y Single lumen 16Ga 20cm FV-2726 Double lumen 7F 20cm
FV-1528Y Single lumen 16G 30cm FV-2728 Double lumen 7F 30cm
FV-1525Y Single lumen 16Ga 16cm FV-2725 Double lumen 7F 16cm
FV-1626Y Single lumen 14Ga 20cm FV-3726 Triple lumen 7F 20cm
FV-1628Y Single lumen 14Ga 30cm FV-3728 Triple lumen 7F 30cm
FV-1625Y Single lumen 14Ga 16cm FV-3725 Triple lumen 7F 16cm
FV-2726Y Double lumen 7F 20cm FV-1323 Single lumen 20Ga 8cm
FV-2728Y Double lumen 7F 30cm FV-1324 Single lumen 20Ga 13cm
FV-3726Y Triple lumen 7F 20cm FV-1325 Single lumen 20Ga 16cm
FV-3728Y Triple lumen 7F 30cm FV-2424 Double lumen4F 13cm
FV-1526 Single lumen 16Ga 20cm FV-2425 Double lumen4F 16cm
FV-1528 Single lumen 16G 30cm FV-2524 Double lumen 5F 13cm
FV-1525 Single lumen 16Ga 16cm FV-2525 Double lumen 5F 16cm
FV-1626 Single lumen 14Ga 20cm FV-3524 Triple lumen 5.5F 13cm
FV-1628 Single lumen 14Ga 30cm FV-1424 Single lumen 18Ga 13cm
FV-1625 Single lumen 14Ga 16cm FV-1423 Single lumen 18Ga 8cm





Four lumen


catheter with clamp; 5ml syringe; Introducer needle: Guidewire with helper;
 Dilator; Catheter clamp; 7# needle; Injection site adaptor

Product characteristic:

1.Movable clamp ensures punturang much more safer.
2.The soft hub allows for added patient comfort.
3.Soft polyurethane and soft tip ensure to reduce trauma to vessel wall.
4.The radiopaque catheter and tip facilitale vessel location when visualized by X-Ray.
5.Multiple introducing needles available in syringe type or Y-shaped introducing needles.

6.Complete Insertion Set,Supplied with the economical basics for Seldinger Technique Insertion.Catheter,vessel dilator,guidewire,introducer needle,and injection caps.

Tubes, catheters and masks

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