This dental X-ray unit adopts the world-advanced technology and wins a few independent creative  patents.


- Lower radiation dental X-ray unit;
- The safest ray dosage;
- Digital and intelligent control system; 
- Applying to the no-radial protection studio; 
- Developing the radiograph in the bright-room, for an  image and for the dental diagnosis quickly;
- Excellent in quality and assured in quality during  three years.

The radiograph dosage is strictly controlled by computers.
This unit has the clearest function for an image and shows tooth
structure in higher comparability.

Technology parameter:

Power condition: 220V
The maximum tube voltage: 65KV
The maximum tube current: 8mA
Selection scope of time: 0.02-2 sec

It has the functions of AI (Artificial Intelligent) operation, digital display system and preprogram exposure parameter. If there are wrong operations, the unit has self-locked functions. It has the characteristics of quickness, safety  and reliability etc.




JYF--10 (CE)

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