A: Gauze colors available: Blue,Grey,Black
B: Cuff colors available: Blue,Grey,Black
C: Cuff material available:Cotton,Nylon
D: Attached chestpiece available


Desk type---normal size type
jd2001.JPG (11829 字节) JD-2001 Desk type
Desk type---big size type
jd2002.JPG (12507 字节) JD-2002 Bigger Desk type

JD-2002L (NEW)Luxuriant Bigger Desk Type ( There is no on/off switch at the mercurial reservoir ;the mercury can be locked in or released automatically when the box is closed or opened)


jd2004.JPG (11250 字节) Wall type

JD-2004 Wall type

Wall type Mercurial Sphygmomanometer,(Packed in Foam Plastic Box).


jd2003.JPG (10671 字节) Stand type

JD-2003 Stand type

Floor stand Model Mercurial Sphygmomanometer This floor model is featured by a two-piece stand column which can be easily adjusted from 105cm to 145cm and is mounted with 5 pcs castors with brakes. Each set packed in a foam box.




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