silicone foley catheter

The foley catheter was named after its inventor, Mr.Foley. It has been extensively used during medical procedures to drain the urinary bladder before and after certain surgeries.

Foley catheters have some advantages over clear plastic (Nelaton) and straight latex catheters. Foleys have an inflatable balloon near the drain hole end of the catheter, which when inflated inside the bladder will prevent the catheter from sliding out. Hence, the foley catheter can be left unattended inside the bladder and will drain remaining urine and also any freshly produced one. 

Foleys are widely used for the following factors : For temporary or long-term treatment of urinary incontinence. To accurately measure the amount of urinary output. They use facilitate and inserted into the bladder by lubricated.

Clinical benefits:

  • The Size ranges from 8 to 26 Charriere CH / French Fr
  • Smooth tapered tip of our catheters facilitate easy insertion into urethra
  • The drainage eyes are accurately formed to permit effective drainage
  • The symmetrical balloon expands equally in all directions and efficiently retains bladder
  • Color coded sleeves are useful for easy and rapid size identification
  • valve permits simple & easy inflation / deflation
  • The smooth outer surface is manufactures by the pure silicon which facilitates easy passage through urethra to reduce the infection rate and improve Bio Compatibility
  • The sterilization is done by EO
  • Our products conform to ISO 90012000 and CE certificate


Advantages :
Paediatric Foley Catheters is designed to smooth circinal top for controlled insertion of catheters which helps in minimizing patient trauma.  Foley Catheters has been passed ISO 9001 and CE. Currently, it is being exported to all over the World.  3 - Way Catheters are made up of large drainage lumen for quick flow of urine  3 - Way Catheters facilitate large irrigation lumen for effective flow of irrigation fluid. 3- Way Catheters are adequately stiffer to withstand traction after TURP surgery. Stringent Quality Assurance Tests are conducted on every individual catheter at Raw material, In-Process and Finished Product Stages.

This ensures that the following specifications are strictly adhered to :

  • Smooth surface
  • Rounded tip
  • Evenly formed eyes
  • Gauge (dimension)
  • Balloon symmetricity
  • Deflation Reliability test for each batch

2 Ways Balloon Catheter 3 Ways Double Balloon Catheter 3 Ways Single Balloon Catheter 4 Ways Double Balloon Catheter


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