Available tubing colors: Black, Blue, Grey, Red, Green,Yellow, Gold,
Hunter green, Pink, Other colors also available with customers's samples.
Customers can choose to attach the stethoscopes' chestpieces to the
cuff of aneroid or mercurial sphygmomanometers.

JD-3001 Single head stethoscope


JD-3002 Dual head stethoscope


JD-3003 Single head Child type stethoscope
JD-3003D Dual Head Child type stethoscope

JD-3007D Dual head (pediatric) stethoscope


D-3005 Stainless Steel Cardiology Stethoscope JD-3006 Stainless Steel dual head adult/child stethoscope
JD-3006D Aluminium alloy dual head adult/child stethoscop

240 dual head stethoscope with double tube
Aluminum alloy chest piece

JD-3004 Rappaport head stethoscope
JD-3008 Stethoscope   (zinc alloy)

JD-3009 Stethoscope (zinc alloy)

410B Combined multi-purpose stethoscope 230E One-sided transparent acrylic stethoscope
230F One-sided transparent acrylic stethoscope
(child type)
230G One-sided transparent acrylic stethoscope
(infant type)
220C Two-sided aluminum alloy stethoscope  



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